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About a year ago I received an e-mail with 3 lines on. I don't know about you but I get lots of e-mail and it has to be filtered if it is not going to take up your whole day. Anyway i got these three lines and they kinda grabbed me. The rest of the poem just seemed to fall into place.


Dance like Nobody's Watching
Love like you've never been hurt
Work like you don't need the money
Take risks right down to your shirt


Live like there is no tomorrow
Give without need to gain
Climb 'till it hurts to go further
Then go on 'till you can't feel the pain


Praise everyone just like your children
Remember how great that felt
Have the courage to live out your dreams
No matter what cards you've been dealt


Cry at all the best movies
Laugh even though you feel sad
Always save time for yourself and your dreams
Hug your kids even when they've been bad


Remember that you are the greatest
The greatest you there has ever been
We all have inside us whatever we need
To achieve our wildest dream


So... Dance like nobody's watching
Go wherever you want to go
And at the end when your life flashes by
Make sure you enjoy the show


Richard Mulvey


This poem is very English. When I wrote it it seemed to be dictated by someone in my head with a Mid-England accent. Manchester maybe, or Sheffield, somewhere around there.


The Important Person

I met an important person yesterday, I forget his name.
I knew he was important because he didn't bother looking at me when he came
into my cubical to tell me I was surplus to requirements.
I said I always wondered what fired meant
and he left with a grunt to his business lunch and golf with the chairman
another hard days work done in the life of a fair man.


I knew it was a fair company because it said so on the mission
in reception where the reps wait for another session with the buyer.
I'm standing there with the others, casualties of recession
waiting for the fair man who loves to hire and fire


I new he was important 'cause he didn't know my name
Even though I've been there ten years, to him it's all the same
It's not personal he says, and I believe him, he's right
It's not personal that I'm going home to tell the wife we might
have to get rid of the tele and the video and cancel the holiday to Toromolenos
we had such fun with the others last year you should have seen us
On the beach with the kids and that waiter who liked our Sally
Now they'll have to make do with two weeks down our ally.


I new he was important 'cause of the way he walks about
with his head in the clouds like my old teacher who used to clout
you when you talked in the class, before the start of lessons
But what makes him important that's what I am set on


Doesn't he have a proper father like Jesus Christ.
The bastard knows I can't get another job at my age. So I'm left to page
through the racing times and pick a winner I can't afford to bet on.
There's nothing left for me or the wife not much of a life is it.
But I don't have to go 'till the end of the month, so
an accident at work will pay the bills and feed the tills
for a good few years. Have no fear I'll be missed, not kissed goodnight
before we fight for blankets in the long dark chilly night.


So if he so bloody important will he be there.. at the church
I doubt it. Not on a Wednesday, there's golf you see and scones for tea
My mates will be there and Martha with her new hairdo
But the bloody important one won't be there neither will he care who is.
So that's it then. I'm off to do the deed as agreed
Don't worry about me, I'll be free
Set your mind on helping the not so important man.. if you can.


Richard A. Mulvey


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