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Last year I started attending some of your seminars and found them hugely beneficial. I already knew about you (as I own every "pocket dynamite" book you have ever written) so it was refreshing to meet you in person and to attend your sessions. 

It was also great at some of these sessions to listen to some of your attendee sales challenges and to learn from their experiences too.

I am extensively involved with sales training in a very large company. I find myself always on the look out for practical sales tips that are implementable where "the tekkie hits the tar". There are so many tips and ideas out there on successful selling but not all of them make sense on the ground. I've always been big on keeping things simple and making sure that "post training day stretch" is achieved with whatever training I put into play.

Your down-to-earth manner of speaking, your day-to-day "easy-to-relate to" examples & your humour drive sound sales principles and life's lessons (at the same time) home beautifully. All in all one definitely feels once leaving your sessions that practical pointers can immediately be applied in the sales arena hence attaining the desired "post training day stretch" that so many training sessions cannot attain!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your sessions, your pocket dynamites, and your excellent CDs (listening to attaining peak performance during peak traffic hour simply lifts my mood unbelievably ...) and for you! You've added immeasurable value to myself and to the girls in the client company that I'm working in who also have attended your sessions!

Isabella Blumenau

Projects Isando



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