Double your Sales Targets - Double your Results

The future of the successful Sales Team


By Richard Mulvey


I spend most of my working life talking to sales people and I hear the same story over and over again

  • This is going to be a tough year.
  • There aren't enough prospects to go round
  • The economy is crippling our business
  • There is no way we can achieve these targets

Do any of these sound familiar? All of these?

And yet, from time to time, I come across real sales stars who are beating the odds and outselling all the competitors. These people tell a different story

  • This is going to be a great year
  • I never have enough time to see all the prospects so I have to choose the best ones
  • The economy encourages business creativity
  • I have my company target and then I have my own "Double-Up" target

The sales stars are making success look easy and when I talk to them about what they are doing differently I discover that they are not geniuses, they are not born with a special talent and they are not working harder than anybody else. In fact many of them work less hours to produce better results. They are doing simple things that all of us could be doing, but just don't.

"Double-Up" Is a programme that will show your sales team how they can produce twice the results without working twice as hard. By using simple techniques mastered by top sales people I will demonstrate what is possible and nobody will leave the session without believing they can do it.


I have designed the programme based upon the best techniques used by the most successful sales people in a wide variety of industries and includes the following:

  • "Double-Up" your prospects

    • I will show your team how to get at least twice as many prospects so that they have to choose who to focus on

    • I will demonstrate how to increase the number of effective appointment calls in any hour by 25% and use a technique that will increase the strike rate for making appointments by 50%

  • Set personal and company targets that have "Pizzazz"

    • Setting targets is an art not a science. Of course you have the budget and the financial team to satisfy but the effectiveness of the activity to achieve the target is dependent on the motivation of the individuals involved.
    • We cannot motivate a team if we are not motivated ourselves so we have to set exciting "Double-Up" targets and then demonstrate to the team how these targets can be achieved
    • Become Customer-Centric

      • Far too often we focus on our products and the need to sell them rather than the customer and their need to buy. The customer will soon sense if you are on his side and walk away if he believes you don't care

    Use 21st Centuary tools to grow your business

    • The new sales people know that there are a wide range of 21st centuary tools that will help them save time and develop long lasting relationships. Social media is the future of relationship development and that combinded with CRM technology will encourage dramatic business growth.
  • Work your goals

    • You cannot expect your "Double-Up" targets to just happen, you have to work at them
    • "Double-Up" targets have to be believable so break them down into do-able and easily measurable chunks. 
      • What do I have to do this week? 
      • What do I have to do Today? 
      • What do I have to do this morning? 
      • What do I have to do in the next hour?
      • What do I have to do now?
    • Help the team develop mastermind groups to share successes and learn from each other
  • Develop expert status.

    • Keeping your name in the prospect's mind
    • Effectively use So
      cial Media to form lasting relationships
    • If you are perceived to be the expert company or expert sales people in your field the customers will come to you.
  • Motivate the team to really believe 

    • Motivation is the key. 
    • If they are going to apply the new skills they have to believe in themselves and that they can achieve their "Double-Up" Targets

The rest is up to you.

I can work with the Senior Directors, the Whole Company or just the Sales Team. I have programmes that fit almost all budgets and "Double-Up" is available as a half day, one day or two day programme for the sales team or for the whole company. "Double-Up" is also available as a 50 minute keynote presentation for your next conference or convention.

The Double-Up Programme is not available as a public course because we need to be focussed on your company and your industry if we are truly going to make a difference to your bottom line.


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