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Billy Selekane
I left richer than I came…Richard’s presentation has challenged me to really look into my product offering and investing resources in getting them to the market…Please thank him indeed for his continued support, Leadership and Pioneering Spirit, he truly is an inspiration. It is through men like Richard that we see a successful and brighter future because we are standing on their shoulders, because he is indeed a giant...Bayethe



Archie Booysen

I attended the Sales Managers Training Course. What a stimulating and informative workshop facilitated by an excellent communicator! It was highly interactive and I Iearned that Sales Managers face similar challenges irrespective of the industry. Sale skills are important but Sales skills without the right attitude are not a recipe for success.

Jeanne Gregory

Truly enjoyed your course and actually “negotiated” with my 7 yr old to clean his room without any screaming, cursing or tantrums.  He was so impressed with his mother’s “attitude” that he closed the door and would not allow me to see the room until it was down 15 minutes later !

Many thanks again and will keep in touch !

Jeanne Gregory
Fedics - Cape Town

Scott Friedman

Short, sweet and to the point.  Good information and a fun read.

Scott Friedman

American National Speakers Association President 2004-2005

Jane Moodley

I have attended your Time Management course in Durban and to be quite honest I have learnt a considerable amount of how to meet your targets and deadlines without becoming a failure in the process. I look forward to your motivating words via email and it makes me feel good.

Jane Moodley

Michelle Footwear (Froggie)

Lorraine Jenks


Thank you for two outstanding workshops. I need to tell you that your style and content are amongst the most succinct, comprehendible, to-the-point and thorough I have experienced.  I always leave feeling enlightened and encouraged.


A. Huisamen

Pragmatic and logical, Mulvey is the everyman's trainer. From new recruits to the more seasoned salesmen, there is something for everyone. A vital part of any salesman's "saw sharpening routine"

Logical and sequential and exciting, this book is a vital handbook in the makings of a target smashing sales person.

If you've missed the seminars you're forgiven but if you miss this there's no excuse.

A great gift for anyone in sales, management or simply to get what you want when communicating.

In our world of constant change and increasingly educated clientele Richard Mulvey offers solutions and skills that keep you one step ahead of the pack. A pleasure to read.

Andrew Huisamen - Sales Trainer and life skills coach.

Arnold Nieuwoudt


I found that this course was well worth doing again, as I refreshed my selling approach and learnt new skills and tips to improve myself, which will help with my sales budgets.


Andre Weideman



I found the monthly seminars very informative with a light hearted sense of humour. I have learnt a lot from the seminars, especially body language, telephone manners, customer relations and the will to win.

RBF Technology (Pty) Ltd

Shaun Jayes

I have been involved in sales management for nearly 20 years and have attended many courses and seminars over the years. I must say the 2 days we spent with you last week were among the most useful I have yet experienced. The course was fun, very informative and extremely practical.

We have started implementing the strategies you taught us, not just within our sales force, but across our entire operation. The principles we learnt, I believe, actually apply to all aspects of our business.

Thank you once again.

Shaun Jayes -    National Sales Manager

TeleEye (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd

Office: +27 11 557 9200

Glen Isserow

The textile industry in South Africa has truly gone through many challenges the past few years and we noticed that our Durban office was lacking motivation, focus and above all senior direction.  Being a family owned medium size business with just over 100 staff we were not ready to throw in the towel and accept defeat, thus we contracted Richard to wave his magic hand and sprinkle some of his gold dust of personality in our KZN branch direction.


Branch offices often suffer from “second fiddle” emotions where they feel that the head office is the nerve centre and their branch always receive the left overs.


Richards embraced the task and set about changing the attitude and working with the senior manager to realign his sales methods, sales executive management skills and reporting processes.


The contract was for 4 months with weekly visits by Richard and daily e mails between himself and the branch. Change was necessary in order to progress and targets were set and challenged by all from the sales executives to the drivers with great success, once the attitude was changed the rest fell into place.


In summary, Richard's input was extremely valuable and motivational and his friendly, humorous and practical selling tips on his regular visit will be surely missed by all.


Our doors will always be open and look forward to working with Richard in our other branches in the near future.


Glen Isserow

Sales director Prime Fastener  


+27 21 4423202

Alex Adams


I attended Richard’s sales course some years back here in Cape Town and afterwards bought some of his books which I constantly refer to, I consider these to be my books of instruction for selling.




Mike Milne

I send all my sales staff on your monthly seminars.  I find them particularly useful and practical.

Mike Milne

Regional Manager - KZN

Capital Outsourcing Group (PTY) Ltd

Anke Stoltz

Efficient; to the point; Easy to grasp; Informative; Interesting; Excellent Communication and inspired by your keeping in touch! To sum it up, I had an exceptional time in your training session and will return for one of your other sessions in the future!

Anke Stoltz

Zulu Nyala

Charmaine Hannan

The training which we did, Selling Quality at a Higher Price, was fantastic, and helped change the mindset of our sales people, and therefore significantly increased the amount of sales. It also honed in on a particular aspect of selling, far more effective than a general sales training course.


Dr Geraldine Kaye


I am based in the UK and hugely enjoy the Richard’s Review Articles. My South African consultant who has attended Richards seminars says he is involving and entertaining, but most importantly he provides practical, usable and adaptable advice, tools and methods that can be successfully applied in any setting to obtain increased sales and thus increased profits.


Dr Geraldine Kaye


UK International Recruitment



Sandi McCormick

Over the last 12 years the Proplast Sales team has regularly attended your sales related trainings. They are dynamic practical and very useable we always come away excited & motivated with the possibility of new ways to increase sales and service & with the support of your books and videos we are kept in top gear.

Sandi McCormick


Samantha Meddows-Taylor

I have attended Richard Mulveys' Management Breakfast Workshops and I am now equipped to perform my responsibilities effectively, efficiently and with confidence!"

Richard Kersten

On reading your last Richard's Review it became clear to me what the next step in my business must be to have One Goal. I gathered my senior members of staff and we decided on what that goal must be. On Thursday this week we announced this, with a few bells & whistles, to the rest of our staff. So we, hopefully as a team, have started on our journey to achieve that One Goal.
Wish us luck and thank you for your insight.

Carole Oosthuizen

Your courses are excellent and have helped me a lot to gain confidence in myself to do my job better !!  

Carole Oosthuizen

Intermediary Sales Consultant

Christie Roode

I am a retired university professor, chaired the department of psychology at the Rand Afrikaans University (now the University of Johannesburg) and also held a teaching and research position at the University of Ottawa in Canada. In this context I regret not having discovered your set of DVD’s earlier because it could have been of tremendous assistance over the years. 

Sheelagh Enslin

I really enjoy your Richards Review e-mails.  I somehow always make time to read them.  I especially liked the tips on Time Management and feel motivated and sure that perhaps I can make the right choices with my time from now on.

Sheelagh Enslin

Upat Durban

Ludi Wium
Together with my management colleagues, I've attended a number of Richards training courses and have seen incredible changes in these people's attitudes towards their work and towards internal and external Customers. They are excited to apply the principles they've learned from Richard's teachings.  Judging by our Customers' feedback survey, his teachings have really paid-off.


James Cunningham

Thank you for coming to Cape Town in May and spending with us at Barpro Storage.

Within a very short space of time, everyone was involved and thinking about what needed to happen if we were to achieve our goal.   I had thought that the goal setting itself would take far longer, but it became apparent that everyone had one in mind. Your ability to get the goal established quickly, so that we could concentrate on what needed to be done to achieve it , was masterful. Although there was some negative input  at the start, you quickly got everyone working as a team. Your  infectious and constructive  sense of humour made the day a pleasure and I would recommend your input to any other company  which needs to refocus in the light of external developments.

We are all looking forward to developing what was agreed and moving the company forward.

James Cunningham
Managing Director

Barpro Storage SA (Pty) Ltd  +27 (21) 552 9190


Analita Quintal


After attending Richard Mulvey's selling face-to-face seminar I was well equipped with valuable practical selling techniques & knowledge, which I was able to effortlessly implement into my existing sales pitch, improve upon & fine tweak.


Olga van Winkle

Thank you Richard, for your beneficial and highly motivational subjects. To sum it up in a nut shell, your seminars have benefited us by motivating us as tele-marketers who do not have the opportunity of "face to face" selling, but to bring the benefits across to the client by knowing our product, having the confidence in our product to sell it with passion, persistence and perseverance as well as always prospecting for new business.


Nicolas Queisser

I found the Practical Sales Management course informative, motivating and entertaining at the same time. As a company, we will be definitely implementing these principals into our management techniques for our sales staff. Thank you

Nicolas Queisser

Managing Director : Sales and Marketing Management

Promolab (Pty) Ltd : Separations


Abrie Kleynhans


I attended a workshop in Bloemfontein about your book "The Will to Win" a few years ago, maybe 1998 or 1999.  Your conversation in the book with the bar owner in Spain made such a impression on my life that it inspired me to name my CC "Fincess", which stand for Financial Success. 


Jacques de Villiers

Great Course Richard. Well done! I have no hesitation in recomending the course to others.

Jacques de Villiers

Andrew Huisamen


As a branch manager in the Timeshare industry I am constantly challenged to find new material to motivate and guide my sales team and develop new information in the sales environment. More and more often I find myself reaching for a Richard Mulvey book, tape, or newsletter as I did today.


Reinhardt du Plessis


Our Sales Team attended Richard's Sales Training Course over ten months, I have definitely benefited from this training. We received good advice on customer relationship, selling skills and easy ways to make selling happen.


Hester Opperman

Thank you for the regular mail.  I most often forward your messages to friends and colleagues.  I am in the Marketing Department and the training sessions I have attended have been very relevant and helpful.

Hester Opperman


Norman Fowler

Thanks for hosting this most informative practical sales management course.

I enjoyed interacting with the other sales managers and finding we all have similar problems. It was very interesting debating on how we interpreted the various problems. Richard thank you for handling the course in such a professional manner and making it a pleasure to learn something new.

Norman Fowler       FEEDBACK ELECTRONICS     Tel    031 579 2008

Barry Lloyd

Myself and 5 colleagues have been attending Richards Breakfast Seminar over the last year, and I can honestly say that there not been a single session that I have found to be the least bit lacking in anything or any way. Richard's techniques and mannerisms keep the audience totally enthralled. It is always a pleasure to attend. Well done Richard!!

Barry Lloyd - Coastal Farmers Co-operative Limited

Arthur Valasis

Thank you for the renewed confidence and ready to go out and achieve sales attitude that our three Technical Sales Representative's are showing.


Bob Smith



I must record my own appreciation for several of your lectures that I have attended and enjoyed. Whatever the subject of the lecture, I have recognised that you have gained personal experience in that particular field, so that your presentation has a validity of having an impact on the listeners, to help each person to be guided along chartered routes.

Marc Lamoral

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day sales managers course. It was informative, relevant and practical . The interactive manner in which sessions were conducted allowed for interesting participation of group members and was challenging. I have realised there are numerous areas , after many years of management ,that I need to sharpen up on !
I would recommend this to new incoming as well as experienced sales managers .
Marc@ Snapper Display

Isabella Blumenau
Last year I started attending some of your seminars and found them hugely beneficial. I already knew about you (as I own every "pocket dynamite" book you have ever written) so it was refreshing to meet you in person and to attend your sessions. 
Paul du Toit

Richard Mulvey is a true inspiration! His practical advice is easy to implement and really works! The cherry on top is that his content is delivered in an entertaining manner using exceptional presenting skills. It is little wonder that he is one of South Africa's most sought after presenters.

Paul du Toit,

Past President National Speakers Association of South Africa,

Managing Director of the Congruence Group.

Cheryl Brown


I attended your Time Management Seminar and though I always considered myself a dab hand at using my diary, you managed to put a whole new perspective on the use of this Office Bible - thank you - I took what I learned at your seminar and implemented it in my office and was amazed at how much more productive we all became - no more stress as we've learned to prioritize!!!


Cheryl Brown


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